NEWS end of April 2020

NEWS end of April 2020

Corona has also arrived in Tanzania and there have already been several confirmed cases. All our children and employees are - thank God - still healthy. However, all schools and universities are closed. There are no more classes, all exams have been cancelled, there is a curfew, and we don't know how long this will last. All events in Tanzania have also been cancelled. 

People are afraid of taking public transport, they are instead travelling by motorbikes or private transport. Our teachers take turns on a weekly basis to come and give homework to the children and help them with it. When our teachers arrive at the compound, they completely change their clothes before interracting with the children.

All our children have been taught how to wash their hands properly, to reduce the risk of infection as much as possible, and are well-informed about the virus and its effects. We in  Germany remain in close contact with our staff in Tanzania via video conferenceing and Whatsapp.

Our children are not allowed to leave the premises. If children are seen playing on the street, it is really expensive for the parents: 50,000 Tanzania shillings is the penalty.

Even our Massai, who protect us and live outside the compound, are not allowed to come closer than three meters to our children. 

It is our great hope that the crisis will not hit Tanzania too hard and that everything will soon return to normal...but we also know that things will be very different going forward!