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NEWS May/June 2022

NEWS May/June 2022

Summer arriveed and we have achieved, built and implemented a lot and would like to tell you about it.

Under "Videos" you will also find a link to a video in which we have tried to summarise everything. 

Tumaini Friends Primary School

Since the beginning of the year we have the school licence to run an English Medium Primary School. (In Tanzania this means seven school years with a state exam in grade 4).

Thanks to the support from Germany, we were able to build more classrooms, a sports field (the football-loving boys are overjoyed and can't wait for the excavator to straighten the area) and more sanitary facilities and expand our educational institution.

Now our "Tumaini Friends Pre- and Primary School" is located on our second large site in Mwandege, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, and we are able to offer our own children and children from the surrounding area quality education from Kindergarten to Grade 7.

KAPP - Kilolo Academy for Pre- and Primary Education

Since 2021 we have been building our new project, our school with boarding school in Kilolo, in the Iringa District, in central Tanzania. A school complex is being built at an altitude of 1,900 metres, and we aim to complete construction in 2025. In September 2022, we will open our Montessori kindergarten in Mwandege, based on our model. In the next few years, a primary school with boarding school will be built there. Here you can see the construction site with the already finished buildings of the Pre-School and the area for the Primary School and a sports field. It remains exciting and we will continue to report.

Certification of our local staff as Care-Takers

Our houseparents Wilson and Elietha and four other staff members in Mwandege were trained by the governmental authority in a course of several days and have successfully passed and received their certificate as "Care Takers". Thus, what we already knew is now proven in writing: they can take excellent care of our children.

New water tower

After the previous water tower was no longer safe due to storms and wear and tear, a new one was built and now supplies the boys on Tumaini with fresh water. The excitement was great when the 10,000 litre tank was "reloaded".