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Tanzania Update May 2024

Tanzania Update May 2024

New children

In January 2024 we welcomed the twins Nasri and Yasri (2 years), then Mbakara and Helena, in April Mariam, Vannesa, Jenifer, Muslim and Mohamed - all can be found on the homepage.  You will find better pictures and background information on all the children in the next Streetkids Post or on request.

Another huge responsibility that we are taking on with 9 new children and would like to share with you.

AND - We are still looking for sponsors!


Message to our sponsors

We do our best for the communication between you as a sponsor and your sponsored child.

Communication is voluntary on both sides and depends on the respective personalities. We ask for your understanding if sometimes there are no messages from the sponsored child. Some children are too small or shy, and there is also the difficulty of the communication channel (no internet, unreliable post, language difficulties, etc.).

We are endeavouring to keep our sponsors better informed from this year onwards.

Stay tuned!


Progress: Kilolo school project

Successfully built: with green roofs, the kindergarten with 50 children is already in operation. The silver roofs are the building with classes 1-4, which are partly in operation. The two small buildings are the toilet block for pupils and teachers.

In the shell are class 5, 6 and the library and the administration block.

Administration is very important in Tanzania. The postsoc

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