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Our Children

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What we can do

Only with your help is our work possible! Through your support, orphaned children receive a home through the most critical  stage of their lives. Each donation to Streetkids International e.V. is tax deductible.

Educational Sponsorship

By financially supporting a child’s education,  you will ensure the orphan receives vocational training and the opportunity to gain independence in life.

Corporate Sponsorship

Sponsorship from companies is an excellent way of working together with Streetkids International e.V. to support projects within the framework of Corporate social responsibility.

Child Sponsorship

Even a minimum sponsorship of € 30 per month goes a long way and helps provide for the upkeep of one of our orphans. By becoming a sponsor, you can give an orphan the feeling that they have someone supporting them personally. 

Donate Now

If you want to support our organisation with a one-time donation, you can donate directly online or via a bank transfer.

You can make a big difference with a small donation.  Either by making a one-time donation, or electing to sponsor a child, read on to find out how it is possible.

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Why people choose us

We support socially-disadvantaged children

We have made it our mission to help the poorest of the poor in Tanzania. We therefore currently run four orphanages, two schools with a Montessori kindergarten and a day care center in Mwandege near Dar es Salaam and in Kilolo in the southern highlands.

We give orphans a home

The children live with foster parents under one roof.  Just like in a big family. Our top priority is to to give our children a home. Through affection, love and care we also give them a future in which they can live independent, happy, healthy lives. We place great importance on health and hygiene, education, training and providing the orphans with a daily routine.

Where your donations go

As a non-profit organisation, we at Streetkids International e.V. are dependent on your donations. With your support, our children receive a home and support through the most critical stage of their lives. Each donation to Streetkids International e.V. is tax deductible.

Our Children

With your donation you pave the way for our work in the orphanages and educational institutions: You give the children a home, the opportunity to grow up with their peers, and the chance for a school education, balanced nutrition and medical care. Join in!

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Become a Volunteer

We need support both in Germany and in Tanzania. 
If you are interested, please write to us!

Become a Volunteer

Meet our team

There are so many ways to support us! Bianca, Marisa, Wendy, Jörg und Marco 
re the best examples -
they support us in our Frankfurt office.

If you are interested, write to them with your questions!

Our staff in Tanzania is the second important part of our team!

Charlotte joined Streetkids in 2023 and supports us with her knowledge as a lawyer and organisational practice.

Bianca is involved with Streetkids in addition to her full-time job. "It's just fun to do something meaningful and to have an impact" she says.

Jörg is a social media professional and supports us in all our posts, online activities and press work - and this in addition to his full-time job and as a newly born father.

Wendy is Australian and supports us with English translations as well as helping out where and when she is needed. 

Marco assists with project budgeting and accounting - alongside his full-time job. 

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