Declaration of Commitment


We are by notice of the tax office Frankfurt am Main V-Höchst of 30.03.2010 tax number 4725050034 as exclusively and directly non-profit charitable purposes serving (provisionally) with valid notice of exemption according to §§ 52 ff of the "Abgabenordnung" (German fiscal code), as amended on 20.09.2013.


a) We publish an annual report (including an activity/project/financial report) by 30 September of the following year at the latest and post it on the Internet or send it on request. In the event of deviations from the following obligations, we will explain them.

b) We provide ongoing / regular information on (current) developments on our website / through our newsletter/ by means of print media available on demand.


We undertake to submit the current excerpt from the register to the Deutscher Spendenrat e.V. in a timely manner and to present the associated key statements (e.g. headquarters of the organisation, board of directors authorised to represent the organisation) also in the annual report.


We provide truthful, transparent, comprehensible and comprehensive information about the past fiscal year in the form of an annual report. 

a) Activity/project report
Our activity/project report provides information about general conditions, services rendered, developments and trends in the field of activity of the organisation and the organisation itself.

b) Accounting/audit
The audit of our cash audit/accountancy, our income statement and our annual financial statements (including the management report) as well as the four-divisional accounts is carried out in accordance with the Deutschen Spendenrats e.V., the currently valid guidelines of the Institutes der Wirtschaftsprüfer (IdW - Institute of Auditors) and the principles of the fiscal non-profit law. The cash auditors have/the auditor has/have to check the compliance with this self-commitment, as far as it concerns the accounting, accordingly and to report about the result of the audit in writing. The result of the audit shall be presented publicly.


Our non-profit status requires clear and democratic structures (and membership relationships).

a) The articles of association and other essential constitutional foundations of our organisation/institution are published promptly; the names and functions of key management and supervisory personnel are disclosed.

b) We have separated management and supervisory bodies and prevent conflicts of interest among the persons responsible and acting.

c) We present our organisational and personnel structure in a transparent manner, in accordance with the principles of the Deutscher Spendenrat e.V.

d) Significant contractual principles and interrelationships under company law are published in the annual report.


a) Advertising which is contrary to morality and decent practices shall be prohibited

b) We will not advertise membership or donations with gifts, benefits or the promise or granting of other advantages which are not directly related to the purpose of the statutes or which are disproportionately expensive.

c) We will refrain from selling, renting or exchanging member or donor addresses and will not offer or pay any commissions/commissions in accordance with the provisions of the Deutscher Spendenrat e.V. principles for the solicitation of donations. 


We undertake to observe the legal regulations on data protection, guidelines on consumer protection and the generally accessible blocking lists.


a) We observe the principle of purpose by donors.

b) We explain how to handle project-related donations.

c) We do not forward donations to other organizations/ We point out that donations are forwarded to other organizations and provide information about the amount of the donation.