As non-governmental-organisation, Streetkids International can only survive on your donations.  Your contributions provides our kids a home and supports them during the most important phase of their development. 

Every donation to Streetkids International is tax-deductible.

A single donation helps orphans and orphanages in Tanzania. If you want to support our work with a one-off donation you can do so sponsor directly online or utilize a bank transfer.

What happens with your donation?

A single donation can help in many ways; it may for example go towards education of our children, being utilized to buy school supplies, pay teachers or supply a nutritious breakfast before school.

You can transfer the amount you want to the following account:

Streetkids International e. V. 
IBAN DE81 6728 0051 0541 4015 00
(Commerzbank Heidelberg)

Or donate directly online 

We ensure we will keep your data safe over a secured connection.