As non-governmental-organisation, Streetkids International can only survive on your donations.  Your contributions provides our kids a home and supports them during the most important phase of their development. 

Every donation to Streetkids International is tax-deductible. Please note that the tax office accepts your bank statement or a simple bank receipt as proof of donation for donations up to EUR 300. Only for donations over EUR 300 is it necessary to submit an official donation receipt. In order to save resources, we will only send donation receipts for donations of more than EUR 300 in future. Thank you for your understanding.

A single donation helps orphans and orphanages in Tanzania. If you want to support our work with a one-off donation you can do so sponsor directly online or utilize a bank transfer.

What happens with your donation?

A single donation can help in many ways; it may for example go towards education of our children, being utilized to buy school supplies, pay teachers or supply a nutritious breakfast before school.

You can transfer the amount you want to the following account:

Streetkids International e. V. 
IBAN DE81 6728 0051 0541 4015 00
(Commerzbank Heidelberg)

Or donate directly online 

We ensure we will keep your data safe over a secured connection.