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Transparency is important to us. That is why we have joined the “Transparent Civil Society Initiative” (Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft) and are committed to providing the public with information about the following ten items as well as keeping it up-to-date.

10 points regarding our transparency

1. Name, registered office, address and year of foundation of our organisationn

Streetkids International e.V., Kölner Straße 74, 60327 Frankfurt am Main, year of foundation: 2000
Register of associations at the local court of Frankfurt am Main, number of the association VR 12076
Contact person is Dr. Sauer-Baecker (email: drbaecker@helfensie.de, Ph. 069 1755 490-22)


2. Complete statutes as well as other important documents that provide information on our concrete goals and how they are achieved

Complete statutes: Link: https://streetkidsinternational.org/about/statute-/-exemption-certificate

Who we are...

Streetkids International e.V. is a small, independent children's charity based in Frankfurt am Main. As a non-profit organisation, Streetkids International e.V. cares for the poorest of the poor in Tanzania, its orphans. They are brought from the streets or from situations of extreme neglect to Streetkids' orphanages and are given a safe home, optimal education and the chance of a healthy, happy childhood and future.
The work of Streetkids International e.V., including all its projects, is financed entirely by donations from companies, organisations and private individuals. Members do not receive any donations from the association's funds. The administrative costs are less than 10% of the donations. The Streetkids International Tanzania Branch is registered in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

What we do...

Streetkids International e.V. runs four orphanages in Mwandege, a small village outside Dar es Salaam.
Under the name “Tumaini Children's Home”, streetkids, orphans and other vulnerable children are given the opportunity to grow up safely in a family environment. We currently have 20 staff members, including local house parents, who care for our children and young people and manage the two properties. All the children in Tumaini have lost one or both parents and have no remaining relatives. Many of them are AIDS orphans. Due to AIDS, the traditional extended family in Tanzania loses part of its integrating and stabilising function, which is particularly felt by the economically weaker - especially girls and women. Orphans are thus one of the most vulnerable groups in the population and are the most neglected. Streetkids International e.V. started up the 20 years ago and since then has provided for countless children and given them new hope (Tumaini). They are lovingly cared for and are provided with healthy food and clean water. In addition, each child receives quality education. Streetkids International e.V. runs a Montessori Kindergarten and Day Care Centre as well as a Primary School on its own property. Furthermore, through partnerships with various institutions in the field of secondary education, the young people are provided with further education.

Where it goes...

In addition to providing care and education for orphans, another concern of Streetkids International e.V. is to invest in the career opportunities and professions of young people. The aim is to provide individual support and guidance along their path. The Tumaini Institute for Schools & Trainings (TIST) awards sponsorships in the areas of entrepreneurial training as well as further technical and university education. At the same time, the regional networking of various (educational) institutions in Tanzania is strengthened and increased.


3. Date of the most recent notice from the tax office recognising the business as a non-profit organisation.

Notice of exemption link: https://helfensie.de/fileadmin/user_upload/Entwicklung/aktuelles/2020-2018_Freistellungsbescheinigung_SKI.pdf


4. Name and function of the main decision makers

Daniel Preuß, President
Markus Wetzstein, Deputy President


5. Report on the activities of our organisation

Click here to view our report since its foundation: https://streetkidsinternational.org/about/annual-reports


6. Staff structure

We do not employ staff but instead rely on voluntary support. As of 2023, there are six volunteers working for us in our Frankfurt office. You can find the team and contact details here: helfensie.de
Our two board members also work for Streetkids International e.V. free of charge.g.


7./8. Source of funds/use of funds

Information on the source and use of funds can be found in the financial reports, which are part of the respective annual report: https://streetkidsinternational.org/about/annual-reports


9. Corporate affiliation

We have a branch in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, which is registered as Streetkids International Tanzania Branch with a Board of Directors. This organisation uses the funds donated in Germany.


10. Names of persons whose annual donation accounts for more than ten percent of our total annual income.

Batschka Foundation
Hahn Air Foundation
Triton Beratungsgesellschaft GmbH