Adolescents/young adults


Erick is a good communicator, has finished school and is currently trying his hand at entrepreneurship.

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Prisca successfully completed her training as a nursery school teacher in 2023 and would now like to start working.

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Victoria has already finished her school career and is now following her own path in life.

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Gideon has successfully finished his training to become a tourist guide. He is a smart boy, open and friendly and speaks good English.

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Ezekia has finished secondary school and is now studying Human Resource Management.

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Malikia is a very self-confident and outspoken Maasai girl who knows exactly what she wants and she is currently in the middle of training to become a nurse.

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Yohana has finished his studies at the "School of Journalism and Mass Communication". According to Daniel, Yohana is one of the "smart guys".

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Sayuni is a responsible, loyal boy who always questions things. Nick Name: Megasympathico :-) 

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Peter is a very determined and conscientious young man who pursues his business studies with ambition.

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Joshua has successfully finished school and his training as a car mechanic and has opened his own workshop.