Sustainable Development Goals

Streetkids International e.V. supports 10 of 17 goals for sustainable development set by the United Nations. Our orphanages and Learning Centers support social, economic and ecological objectives within the sustainable development goals.

No Poverty – We provide a home for orphans, most of which used to live on the street. We provide them with a safe environment and take them out of poverty.

Zero Hunger – Our Kids are provided with three nutritious meals a day to make sure they can grow healthy and strong.

Good health & well-being – Good food and medical care is provided to our orphans, we provide them with a loving and caring environment which supports their physical and mental well-being.

Quality Education – In our very own Learning Centers, we provide our kids with primary education, as well as supporting them in further education.

Gender Equality – Boys and Girls are treated as equals at Streetkids International, which is reflected in the division of tasks and responsibilities. Our local manager for example is a women.

Clean Water and Sanitation – Our locations are provided with clean potable tap-water. Furthermore there is sufficient access to showers and toilets to ensure hygienic conditions.

Affordable and Clean Energy – Solar is a sustainable source of energy for us. We do not only run our lights on solar but it also pumps all of our water needs.

Decent Work and Economic Growth – We take care of our employees, they are provided with healthcare and social insurances. We encourage our kids to give back by becoming self-sufficient contributors to society.

Reduced Inequalities – We teach our orphans to live their dreams, provide support in finding well-paying jobs independent of gender or ethnic background. Furthermore, we support entrepreneurial activities to ensure their success.

Responsible Consumption and Production – Streetkids International acts sustainable, we produce our own food, recycle and reduce our waste as much as possible.